About Us

The Army of Love began with a vision given by the Holy Spirit to Lynsi, who is co-founder with her husband Sean. Going through a difficult time in her life, she cried out to God and asked to be used by him. In this time, she also saw the body of Christ coming together in unity from different walks of life with diverse gifts and skills to help those who were in need. She then began to envision how to create the beginnings of an atmosphere where believers are encouraged to use their gifts and talents to become an Army of Love that ministers to a hurting and dark world.

The gifts of God that dwell in the hearts of believers can often remain dormant, or even undiscovered. The vision of the Army of Love is to unite and equip the body of Christ to minister and bring healing to broken hearted and hurting people through Christ’s love and by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is done by fostering those God given gifts in believers so that they can minister with love and maturity.

At a time when it seems that breakdown in a large percentage of personal relationships prevails, and our pace of “making it” in this life seems to spin out of control, our gracious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ reminds us of his perfect and unconditional healing love. It is out of that heart of compassion that the Army of Love was birthed, first as a vision, and now as an organic ministry.

The Army of Love looks to act as an outstretched arm of the body of Christ to embrace people in need of direction, encouragement, prayer, discipleship, healing, training, and freedom. Many churches are doing so much work in serving their communities that they do not have enough time, manpower and resources to meet all the needs presented to them. That is where we, as a resource, can help by training and mobilizing an army of well-trained volunteers.

We at Army of Love encourage and welcome donations to sponsor our volunteers who selflessly sacrifice their time and resources to serve others in need. Army of Love will diligently use all of its resources to promote our vision and mission. We therefore are not able to fund other organizations or individuals.

So whether you enlist as an individual, a couple, a family, or a church, we pray that you will be inspired by the training and hope that is offered through the Army of Love!

If you have an emergency and you need help right now, please reach us at .