Our Team

Sean Ellingson

Sean has always been energetic and athletic, both in mind and body. He comes from grandparents who started a church in the Los Angeles area in the 1950’s. Sean knew that the Lord Jesus was the only way to God, but he was deeply affected by addiction and the dysfunctions that were prevalent in his family. He suffered the death of his younger brother who overdosed at 22 years old. His youngest brother started using illicit drugs as well. In his grief, Sean realized with his own use of drugs and alcohol that he needed a big change or his life would be tragically cut short. He joined the army and served in Iraq as a scout. Something began to stir in his heart. He knew there was so much more to the life God had given him. Being a soldier wasn’t the answer. In fact, it only reinforced his need to relax by unnatural means and made his search for answers more acute. He heard the still small voice of Jesus’ call on his life. He committed his heart fully to Him and immediately started experiencing deep healing and a hunger for God’s word. Shortly thereafter he met Lynsi and knew that God had brought him a wife that would fully partner with him in serving His Savior, Lord, and King for the rest of his days. Sean is a gifted leader, teacher and compassionate but strong mentor of men. He adores his beautiful wife and is very engaged in being the best father he can be while working hard and keeping his priorities straight and guided by Jesus.

Lynsi Ellingson

Lynsi was a cute, precocious blond little girl with a big heart for adventure that she inherited from both her mother and father. She enjoyed a close relationship with her father, but noticed early on that he was “sick” part of the time. Amidst the joys of their strong bond, there were the ups and downs of many sweet and sober times and then times of sadness over his addiction issues. There soon came a time of grief with the sudden loss of her wonderful uncle and then her own beloved dad. Lynsi knew the Lord since an early age, but with the death of her father came a void that she tried to fill with unhealthy relationships and other worldly pursuits. She was suffering from a huge fear of loss of love which brought on the stronghold of codependency and fear of being alone. As a result, there was marriage, then divorce. Then again. And then once more. She finally hit bottom with the shame and abuse she suffered in her third marriage. And she felt she deserved it. But the Lord Jesus Christ was faithful to speak to her in her deepest hour of need and poured out His pure grace into her crushed heart. She had already been active using her gifts of prophecy, teaching and exhortation with compassion for hurting people. The Holy Spirit then gave her hope through the vision for the Army of Love, gathering the body of Christ to heal and sharpen their gifts to be mobilized in service to broken hearted people. It was a transformational moment for her that would restore her to be able to use the brokenness in her life as a testimony to what the Lord can do through trials and tribulations. Lynsi became a bold and fearless warrior for His kingdom. It was not long until she met her husband Sean who God had prepared to help lead such a vision and call. Lynsi humbly insists on our Lord Jesus Christ getting all the glory for how amazingly He has healed her and others she is able to help. She enjoys a very full life as a devoted wife, mother of 4 wonderful children, and a busy work life, as well as assisting several other ministries.

Daniel Russell

Daniel was raised in a Christian family in Southern California. His parents separated when he was 11 years old over something that deeply hurt his family. He’d prayed to receive Jesus as a young child, but Daniel turned his back on God for a few years, and became a warlock and a recluse, addicted to video games and pornography. Years later, he was discipled through a youth ministry, which sparked in him a desire to work in full-time ministry. Though he received a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies, he felt he still didn’t know much about how to build loving relationships, or how to help people through deep emotional trauma—including his own—and was tormented by evil spirits. God led him to the house church from which Army of Love sprang. Through trained volunteers, he was set free from years of emotional pain and the accompanying demonic strongholds, and began setting others free. In 2015, living with his new bride and their 3-month old daughter as missionaries in Thailand, he contracted viral meningitis, putting him into a coma for 10 days with the prognosis of remaining in a comatose state or death. His wife would not accept this sentence. She believed that Jesus would heal her husband and she started prayer chains for him around the world. Much to the surprise of doctors, Daniel began to recover. He then had to relearn how to eat, walk, speak, drive and many other basic tasks that he previously took for granted, as well as how to reconnect with God. God is still healing him, and he is quite literally a walking miracle that testifies to the power of Jesus Christ. He currently resides in the Inland Empire with his wife Grace, and their young children, Levi and Lis. He is very grateful to God for healing him, and for the opportunity to help train disciples through the Army of Love around the world.

Linda Radich

Linda was a girl from a ranch near a small town in Southern California. She grew up a little blond people-pleaser that always knew there was something more to life than the typical middle class American dream. Linda sensed that the fears, denial and alcoholism she inherited were driving her to self-sabotage and rebellion, but it didn’t stop her. Within an 8 year period 9 members of her family died violent deaths. She was on a downhill slide that was gaining momentum. After years of searching for answers through self-help philosophies and false religions, she gave her life to Jesus Christ at age 35 and finally experienced the true love she had always longed for. Coming to the Lord was a radically transformational experience that would motivate her to serve the Lord passionately. She considers her testimony to be similar to that of Mary Magdalene. It has been an exciting 30 years of service since that powerful day in 1986, developing discipleship tools to better love, heal, and equip the saints for the work of ministry. The Lord gifted her to see beyond cultural religion and to get back to the heart of God’s word in serving His people. Linda helped found, and continues to support, a grassroots leadership-training ministry in Kenya and has been privileged to travel to 27 countries for the sake of the gospel. Jesus has saved her from near-death experiences several times while on missions. Her main gifts are teaching, evangelism, and exhortation. As Linda often shares, “Only our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can take a life like mine that was like a large dung hill and use it as fertilizer to grow a fresh, fragrant, and most beautiful garden for many to enjoy.”